Feb 21 17 1:39 AM

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I'm working quite successful with the INT035 display module in 16Bit 8080 mode. However, the self- initialisation takes way longer then the 0.5 seconds mentioned in the datasheet. By approximating in .5 seconds delays, I found I need at least 2.5 seconds before sending the first command (the "bits per pixel" set command) otherwise i get a screen in false colours (I assume due to the fact the display ignores the 16 bit mode and displays my graphics in 24 bit mode). From 2.5 seconds and more delay, display works fine.

Is there any way to get this delay time down? Is there any way of polling the display till it's ready? I find it unacceptable that my customer has to stare 2.5 seconds onto a screen filled with noise pixels after power-up.

Any way to speed up the process?