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Here is the question posted by AccPatitiDear All, I would like to interface the pic32MX220F032B with the TFT INT070ATFT. I am using MPLAB X with XC32 compiler. I got drivers from displatech which I’ve imported in the project file. So, since I've put this drivers file in my project file i am experimenting some issue. Every time that I am compiling the project it keep giving me error. The error says: cannot find the following files: #include "HardwareProfile.h" #include "Compiler.h" #include "TimeDelay.h" #include "Graphics/DisplayDriver.h" #include "Graphics/gfxtcon.h" #include "Graphics/Primitive.h" Where do I have to find these files? Please help.
In order to use the DEMO board, you would need the microchip development tools, which includes the free microchip compiler and MPLABX, and a programmer like the PICkit3:http://www.microchip.com/Developmenttools/ProductDetails.aspx?PartNO=PG164130 

The following is in regards to the using the INT070ATFT board with your micro-controller:If you are hooking up the INT070ATFT board to your micro-controller, you don't need any tools as the INT comes pre-programmed. Please see the DEMO schematic for an example of how to hook up to a Microchip micro-contoller. You can use this as a reference to hook to your own micro-controller.

 In this case, you just need to look at the supplied driver files in the src/displaytech folder called SSD1963.h/.c and the datasheet for the SSD1963 which can be found on our website here:http://www.displaytech-us.com/sites/default/files/driver-ic-data-sheet/Solomon-Systech-SSD1963.pdf  

Here is the datasheet for your reference:http://cdn.displaytech-us.com/sites/default/files/display-data-sheet/int070atft-v22_0.pdf  

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It looks like Displaytech is busy selling screen that they cannot give support after sell.
Up to now I am still struggling to make this screen work. while there is no even a simple example of that one can start on.
I am real disappointed with this screen, and regretting why I chose it while I could have screen with example of code.

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