Apr 22 15 1:37 AM

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Hy, i'm able, thank to suggestion of this form, to start up and drive the tft module INT024BTFT with micro Atmel on board.

Is needed maintain the Bus and the signal control  floating in the external microcontroller that drive the tft with H2 and H3 connectors,
i wait 3 seconds, and after is possible pilot the RAiO RA8872  tft controller.

Now, i have write and function correctly the Demo Program of RAiO  RA8872 manual, but there is a problem with x/y axis, the origin, and a wrong mirror of
the string !!!  the reference isn't correct and the Show_String appears mirroring ?

How must configure, in C, the tft 240 x 320 mounting in the INT024BTFT with RA8872  ??  for write and display correctly ?

Many thanks