Jul 20 14 4:47 PM

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I'm interested in the 128240C for a new product design, in particular the version with the RGB backlight. We're only in the 1000 units/annum range so have difficulty sourcing displays.

Our local distributor in Australia is quoting a 12 week lead time and seems unhelpful in organising a sample. Given that our development will be well advanced within that time frame, we cannot afford to take a punt on whether the display will be suitable or not once it arrives.

I wondered if anyone is aware of any relatively inexpensive device that uses the display, which we could purchase just to get our hands on a sample. Failing that, any other ideas for getting our hands on one of these displays?
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Jul 20 14 7:20 PM

As is so often the case, a solution became apparent shortly after I posted - the distributor phoned back and made some suggestions which lead me to find that the RGB version of the 64128K is stocked at RS Online. I've just ordered one, so I hope there is enough similarity to the 128240C to allow a worthwhile evaluation. I see the 64128K uses the ST7565R while the 128480C uses the ST7529-G. Apart from the obvious (extra pixels and driving voltage), is anyone aware of any major differences?

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