Jun 14 13 12:48 PM

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I can't seem to get my INT028ATFT working.  From reading some posts for other sizes of INTs it looks like auto-initialization may not be working correctly.

When I power on the display the backlight comes on but the display always shows white no matter what I do.  Reading from the display after waiting 3s at startup returned 0 from every register I tried.  I have also tried doing the RA8872 initialization manually (minus the reset step per the issue with the RST pin) and have been able to write and read registers successfully and even initiate a background clear and wait for it to finish but the display still shows white.  Even a minimal setup with VCC/VDD/CS/RST connected +3.3 and both GND to ground the display still always shows white.

In case it's relevant the rest of my setup is a Parallax Propeller and an EEPROM, which work fine.

Any suggestions?  Or maybe my display is just defective or damaged by static or something along those lines?


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Mar 3 14 3:00 PM

hi tj963,
did you resolved with your display?
because I have the same problem, I tried some things but without results, do you have any suggestions for me please?


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