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Action after switching on a power supply is not stabilized. 
Therefore, a power supply is reswitched on repeatedly and it is displayed at last. 

As the present system, it is as follows. 
- It refers to errata of int057 atft-v22_0.pdf, and the jumper is made R20 from the pin 17. 
  Of course, the pattern is cut near a pin 17. 
- Even after canceling a Reset signal, 8080 buses are changed into the OPEN state for 3 seconds. 
- 8080 buses are controlled from FPGA. 
  Also in the state where FPGA is not controlled, the back light does not light up but nothing is displayed overwhelmingly in many cases. 

20V is supplied from another DCDC without using the back light power supply of INT057ATFT now. 
It is still stabilized and does not start. 

I set the "set_tear_on" register and observed TE signal. 
Then, it checked that TE signal was not outputted in many cases even if it switches on a power supply. 
Moreover, even if outputted, it also checked that there was a case with a low frequency of tens of Hz. 
If action is started normally, TE will operate by about 50Hz. 
Doesn't this show that internal PLL is not operating normally? . 

I am checking the same phenomenon by three sets of purchased INT057ATFT. 
Isn't the same phenomenon checked in Displaytech? . 
I want you to show. 

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May 9 13 1:26 AM

Hi, Is the engineer of Displaytech looking at this? 
I regret that there is no reply even if two week passes. 

I made the substrate only for INT057ATFT. 
However, since INT057ATFT is unstable, it cannot be used. 

First, please let me know why PLL action is unstable. 
Is it a thing with an insufficient supply voltage to a module? . 
(The current of the backlight is indicated by the data sheet. 
 But, the consumed electric current of VDDIO, VDDD, and VDDLCD is not indicated. )

I wish to reply, prease. 

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