Dec 21 12 3:56 PM

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FAQ Regarding ILI9340 EOL

What is changing?

The driver IC from Ilitek is changing from the ILI9340 to the ILI9341.  The TFT panel and backlight will remain mechanically and electrically the same as the previous version.

What is the part number for the replacement to the DT022ATFT?


What is the part number for the replacement to the DT024BTFT and DT024BTFT-TS?


How will this change impact our product?

No change to the pinout and no change to the backlight voltages.  There will likely be no change to the initialization code required, but if there is a change Displaytech will provide sample code for reference.

When will samples be available?  Data sheets?

Samples will be available following Chinese New Year in February, 2013.  Please contact sales@displaytech-us.com to request a sample for evaluation.

The data sheet for the ILI9341 is available for download from our website.

What is the cost difference?

There is no cost difference from the previous versions.

If the ILI9340 is already gone, won’t the ILI9341 be gone soon?

The ILI9341 is a much higher volume and more popular driver IC than the ILI9340.  The manufacturer has no plan to obsolete this part.  The ILI9341 is now used on our 2.2”, 2.4” and 2.8” TFT modules.